Established in 2005 by former Police Chief, Paul L West. CSSRT is a U.S. veteran supporter and employer. We love our military and hire them when possible, even veterans with disabilities. We honor our flag and the service men and women who serve this great nation.

Chief P.L. West: “The best deterrent to crime. Let our professionally trained staff make a difference in your business or community.”

CSSRT stands for Crime Suppression Special Response Team and that is, indeed, what we do, and who we are. Our Special Response Team makes every effort to protect your people and your assets, and the effort of our team—often military and/ or police trained in addition to their security officer training—is a powerful ally.  

Our Mission

The CSSRT Armed Security Force strives to reduce crime and to provide safe environments by:

Recognizing our goal to assist our clients at every opportunity; Prevent loss, investigate, and enforce and uphold the laws of our land; Understanding that CSSRT cannot control crime but can be united with the community and clients against all criminal activity.

To achieve the mission, the members of CSSRT will conduct themselves ethically and professionally. They will: Treat all people with respect and protect the rights of their fellow citizens. Be examples of integrity and honesty while protecting the lives and property of our clients.